There are many benefits to therapy. 

Therapy is a journey of self-discovery and empowers you to live the life you desire. Early intervention of a problem could lead to improved mental health. There are many benefits to therapy such as: 
  • improved sleep, appetite and healthier eating habits.
  • reduction in worrying thoughts.
  • a sense of calmness and self-confidence.
  • improved connection with loved ones.
  • increased tolerance and acceptance about life.
  • improved self-worth and contentment with life.
What does seeing a psychologist involve?

It is an opportunity to talk to someone who will listen. You do not have to worry about being judged. This is your chance to be heard and understood. It is the start of your journey of self-discovery. 

Latika will begin the first session by explaining how your privacy is maintained. Then, it is over to you. If you choose to work with Latika, it is expected you will attend therapy weekly, on the same day and time every week. 

How many sessions will it take?

It depends on the issue, your goals, and what may be preventing you from achieving your goals. Latika practices long-term psychotherapy which is an evidence-based treatment that has shown the benefits from therapy last longer. It is expected you will attend weekly sessions  before we collaboratively review your progress in therapy. 
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